World War I Photos

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This is a good photo that illustrates the nationalism and imperialism of Europe. A big man named Cecil Rhodes who was a huge businessman in England standing across the whole Africa meant that they had colonies all over the Africa and they had a perfect control of it. As a one of the means of competition, getting colonies spurred the hatred and nationalism around Europe. Therefore, this can be explained as one of the causes of World War I.

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It is a war machine called 'Lucky Jim' and it was a British Howitzer. As one of the weapons that people use nowadays, it acts as a weapon between gun and a missile shooter. Because of the militarism before the start of the World War I, people invented a lot of technologically advanced weapons when they were fighting with other nations which made the casualties worse.

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This is another instance of the new weapons and technologies that are used in the World War I. Before this was invented, most of the guns had to be reloaded once after they shoot the bullet just like a sniper these days. However, the invention of rapid shooting gun that has a lot of ammo was a nightmare. People did not had to reload the machine gun after shooting once so it was very deadly.

This is a picture of soldiers marching on the street getting ready to go to the war and defend their nations. When they first join the War, they are full of pride and they are certain that by them joining they will end this war and they will safely return to their family, house, and their regular life. Also people next to the soldiers are praising them and cheering them to be brave on the war and lead their nation to victory.

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Those soldiers that have been praised and encouraged to go out and fight bravely soon tuned into one of those corps or wounded severely and could not live normally anymore. It was very unlikely for a soldier to live after they fight, and also many people died of the disease because of their unsanitary places and grudging work. Also wherever those soldiers fight became a useless land and everything got destroyed.

When World War I spread out to whole Europe, nowhere was safe for civilians. Their home land changed into a war land their houses got completely destroyed. Even regular people have been killed and severely injured and had to be put into a hospital for medical treatment. Also a lot of people that are not hurt or old would volunteer to find things that they can do to help their nation win the war. Also people with useful skills would be called up to the military and had to use that skills to help the army be relieved and feel better for the actual combat.

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World War I was also famous for huge amount of Women volunteering to help the army. Women and Girls in the house tried to make socks which was very necessary in those war fields, and a lot of them also joined as a nurse like this picture. Those people were briefly trained what to do when what happens and sent right on to the places where people are wounded and sick and cured them. Even though it was before they even had their right to vote from the country, they tried their best to support those men who were fighting for them.

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It is a good illustration of a city after an enemy troops came by. People often calls World War I as a total war because the civilians and soldiers were not separated, even the young kids and old people were classified as their enemy and was shot to death when they found them. Also after they won the war, they destroyed every single part of the city so that it could not function as a city or a shelter anymore. All the houses were burnt and there were not even a single living creature in the city after people fought wars.

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