All About Me

Hell , my name is Robert Anthony Watson Adams, but you can call me Bobby if you want. This is my 5th year here at Palcs and I'm going to like being in the 6th grade. I live in Levittown, which is a part of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. all different shades of blue happens to be my favorite colors. I love pizza, Swedish Fish Candy, and sunflower seeds. I play football for the Wardogs in Bristol and have been on the team since I was 5. When I'm not playing football, I play baseball, basketball, and like riding my bike with my friends. Playing video games with my parents is always fun. I have about 80 fish between 5 tanks and a guinea pig by the name of Spike. I hope to get to know everyone and have a great year at Palcs and hope to do well in Math, it's one of my favorite subjects.

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