Final Solution
Nuremburg Laws

The Nuremburg laws were created at the annual party rally in Nuremburg, Germany in 1935. They were new laws that instituted the racial theories dominant in the Nazi era. The Laws denied Reich citizenship to any German jew and political rights were taken away. Jews were not allowed to have any intimate relationship with non-Jewish people and forbidden from marriage. Jews were forbidden to support the Reich or wear the party's colors. From 1937-1938 the Nazi party began to make any jews register their property and their businesses. Most German Jews lost ownership of personal businesses and were taken over by non-Jewish Germans. A red "J" was stamped on the identity cards of any German Jew to help the police identify them right away.

Nuremburg Rally

This picture shows the insane amount of people that gathered to see their chancellor, Adolf Hitler, address the nation about the new laws that he was going to put in place. This shows how much support Hitler had and why he could not be stopped with whatever he did.

Nuremburg Laws Paper

This picture is an English translation of the actual Laws that were published in 1935 and given to members of the Nazi party. This picture shows how a person can be defined as a Jew through their ancestors and they have no control over it whether they are a practicing Jew or not.

Video of Laws Description

This video is powerful because it has snip-its of Hitler describing the laws regarding Jews rights and gives an insight to life in 1935 from the imagery and video clips of Jews in the Nazi era.

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