White Fang Imagery

...But it could not last long. His face was blistering in the heat, his eyebrows and lashes were singed off, and the heat was becoming unbearable for his feet. With a flaming brand in each hand, he leaped to the edge of the fire. The wolves have been driven back.On every side, where the live coals have fallen, the snow was sizzling, and every little while, a retiring wolf, with a wild leap and a snort and snarl, announced that one had been stepped upon. (Chapter 3, page 39)

White Fang Imagery #2

...One Eye sprang back with a snort of sudden fright, then shrank down to the snow and crouched, snarling threats  at this thing of fear he did not understand. But the she-wolf coolly thrust past him. She poised for a moment, then sprang for the dancing rabbit. She, too, soared high,but not so high as the quarry, and her teeth clipped emptily together with an emptily together with a metallic snap. She made another leap, and another.

Chapter 4

White Fang Imagery #3

Everything happened at once. The blow, the counter blow, the squeal of agony, the big cat's squall of sudden hurt and astonishment. One Eye half arose in his excitement, his ears up, tail straight out and wavering

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