Rainforest Animals

  Rainforest Animals
Baca 4A
By: Corbin Elaine Bettes

Scarlet Macaw


One of my Favorite Rain Forest Animals is the Scarlet Macaw. This bird lives in the canopy, and emergent level. The average Scarlet Macaw's length is  approximately 32 inches. Scarlet Macaws eat seeds, nuts, and fruits. This bird can fly 5 miles and is named after its brightly red colored feathers.


The Jaguar is a very powerful cat. the Jaguar can weigh up to 300 pounds. Jaguars feed on anything on the forest floor and kill its prey in one pounce! Jaguars have golden fur and black spots. You can find lots of them in the Central and South part of America.

Another interesting animal found in the rainforest is the sloth. The sloth is a very very slow creature and spends most of its time sleeping. The sloth lives in the understory of the rainforest. Sloths have peg like teeth to eat leaves. You can find sloths in South America.

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