Transportation Project

D.Kirkland, Ashley P

In my first survey i composed a Convince Survey with the class and fellow classmates at lunch. Then i ask them three question: First what was there transportation to school. How far they traveled to school and from school in one day together. The next question was how often they did this. Last but not least how well they enjoyed there form of transportation from a scale of 1-10. The numbers and data a collected are represented in this Graph below.

Standard Deviation Graph

I graphed my data according to how many males and females drive or ride the bus or a car rider to school. My conclusion of the data is that more people are a car rider than any other. Also that more Males drive to school than females. Last but not least more Females ride the bus than males according to my data.

My second survey of a convince survey:In my convince survey of what they would like to see in my form of transportation. Also the changes they would like to see in my project and ways to improve a Double Decker Bus. My information i collected is typed below and shown in a graph.

What would you like to see in my transportation options?


Soft Comfortable Chair

Refreshments available (like water and chips)

Digital Cameras for sale

Changes the people would like?

All times of the day rides

Open and close-able windows

Spacious Seats

Shades for the windows

Pull Down lap setter

My Second Survey Results

My Conclusion is that the majority of the people think its a good idea to have a Double Decker Bus in our area. Also my buisness would like to continue the progress of making this come true. Although some people dislike the Double Decker Bus it is a independent transportation for people who want to ride or people who dont have a car.

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