A Strange Day Of Hunting
By Carter Dull

After months of target practice I thought I was ready to go out and hunt. I had shot at the same target time after time. At first my aim was terrible, I could even hit the target, I would hit trees, houses, children, etc. I slowly got better but people told me I needed more practice. Soon I was skilled enough to hit the middle target every time. I could probably hit it with my eyes closed.

I knew I had some serious skill, but nothing to what I thought would come. I could hit anything that moved, I had even hit a fly that flew past. One day I grabbed my bow to practice and something strange happened. The bow had changed, and it started to change me. I didn’t know what was happening, it was paranormal. I got scared and ran into the woods, away from this haunted bow. I thought this was a dream, a nightmare, that I couldn’t wake up from.

I stopped at an opening in the trees, I looked up at the sky and saw it. It was a helicopter, lowering down to me. I didn’t know what to do, so I crouched down and tried to hide myself. 3 men got out of the aircraft and walked to me. They were holding badges and said they were in the IAOEB, the International Association Of Extreme Bow-Shooters. I didn’t know what to think. They told me I have a mission, a mission to stop evil in the country. I was confused, but felt compelled to follow their instructions.

I soon found myself in a field alone, only with my bow. I heard a rustling in the leaves behind me. I turned around and saw nothing. It was starting to get dark when I realized I had no reason to be out here. I could not leave. I could not get myself to lift my legs to walk out. I heard the noise again, but this time there was three men in long black robes coming toward me. I got scared. My first instinct was to use the only thing I had, my bow. The men had swords and were so quick with them they could hit my arrows with the blades.

After five minutes of intense shooting. I had successfully conquered the men. I walked up to them and they all had name tags on necklaces. They had strange markings on them that I couldn’t read. I took all three and went home. Walking home I realized how weird the experience I just had was. When I got home I saw a deer hanging on the wall. I have never been hunting, nor do I have someone living with me that hunts. With a closer look I could see similar markings on the side of the deer’s head as on the name tags. I took out the name tags and they magnetised to the deer, but nothing happened after that. I guess I will never know what happened that day.

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