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The NSA, Snapchat, and privacy: Should you be freaking out?

Saturday, March 8th, 2014.
Empire Control Room & Garage
606 E 7th St, Austin, TX, 78701


Rami Essaid, CEO of Distil Networks

Rami began his career as the founder and CEO of Chit Chat Communications. After a successful exit, he consulted in mobile development. With over 11 years in communications, network security, and infrastructure management, Rami advised enterprise companies to help improve scalability and reliability while maintaining a high level of security.

Adam Blumenfeld, Director of Client Digital Strategies at Bottlenose

Adam Blumenfeld is the Director of Client Digital Strategies for Bottlenose and works at the intersection of real-time social analytics & trend forecasting. His extensive background in mapping the real-time web has led to work with some of the biggest brands/agencies in the world including Nike and Razorfish. Adam teaches global clients how to create 'narratives from noise' - helping them map the spontaneous movements of audiences large and small in the face of total unpredictability. He and the Bottlenose team continue to develop a next-gen approach to trend intelligence, giving clients exciting ways to vet/validate/optimize their content so it truly resonates with a target audience. Prior to Bottlenose, Adam spent several years at Showtime Networks in Original Programming & Development with a focus on digital marketing. However, the manic, in-the-moment world of social & big data is where Adam feels most at home.

Adam Ghetti, CTO at Ionic Security

Adam Ghetti founded Ionic Security, Inc. in 2011 and serves as its Chairman and CTO. Adam is security technologist and entrepreneur. He has over 14 years experience building large-scale systems in multiple Internet-related markets. He is an expert in complex systems and complex task automation and has a deep applied knowledge of application security, network security, data security, neural networks and AI.


Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon.com

I am an engineer, architect, scientist, programmer, product guy, executive, disruptor, investor, mentor, advisor, analyst, academic, sales guy, entrepreneur, data analyst, system administrator, evangelist, debater, father, musician and biker. And I probably forgot a few.

I like building things that need to get big. Whether that is technology or a business, I am interested in how to scale them.

I believe in democratizing business creation, simplifying operation and driving innovation by providing a low cost, scalable and reliable infrastructure that can be acquired on-demand with a pay-as-you-go pricing model, and that is available to everyone. I am proud to be involved with Amazon Web Services and that we have been able to help young businesses around the globe get off the ground and that we are helping large enterprises break free from the lock-in of traditional enterprise hardware and software vendors.

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