Cattle Hoof Trimming

Why To Trim Hoofs

➜ Periodic hoof trimming is necessary for cows to reach their full genetic potential. The need to trim a cow's feet is like the need for us to trim our finger nails. Hoof wall continues to grow slowly every day. Depending on the breed, some dairy cattle have a better hoofs than others, so some need to be trimmed more than others. Also the type of feed that the animal gets fed. Some feeds produce faster growth than others.

➜ Salary: $10-$15 A cow

➜ Education: The more you know about the cow’s foot, the more you will understand the importance of foot care to cow productivity. FRS Hoof Care technicians have the expert training and skill to provide a professional hoof care service. Training, regular refresher courses and certification of qualified operators is provided.

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