Fossil Fuels

CON: Coal, Oil, Natural gas

Fossil Fuels take millions of years to form. To remember Fossil Fuels think of CONserve: Coal, Oil, and Natural gas. fossil Fuels are made from decayed, prehistoric plants and animals. Fossil Fuels are a nonrenewable energy. Coal stands for C  in Conserve. Coal is formed from decayed animals. You can remember that because coal looks like animal poop. Coal is more commonly found than oil, and Natural gas. Coal provides over 23% of the world's energy and 39% of the worlds electricity. Oil is formed from decayed, prehistoric plants. Oil stands for the O in cOnserve. Oil comes from crude oil, which is a mix of hydrocarbons and some oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur impurities. Natural gas stands for the N in coNserve. Natural gas heats 57% of all US households. In 2005 the US produced 18.2 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.