Senoir Students

There are many ways to be persuasive but its certain tactics and strategies to make persuasion more explosive and appealing to the ear. I feel as if attitude and dominer means everything. If you expect to be effective it takes pratice and experience you have to actually be through it . Its all about how you finesse and stimulate the mind. Whenever you decide to get your point across and get the mind to go in a direction that is very uncommon you have to have enforcement but stealth within your voice. You cant just talk to an individual and be overly agressive because it will startle them and you will not be sucessful. The more comfortable you can get the individual the farther you can take them. Persuasion isnt something that can be learned technically it has to be naturally comprehended and intertwined within your personality.

Pathos Egos and Logos all play there parts in the persuasion process. Pathos appeals to emotion and persuading someone to feel someway in any form or fashion . Emotion plays a part into persuasion the most when you can engage an individual and draw them in emotionally you have officially won already.

Egos is the more ethical area where you have to use proven statistics to the individual . If you dont have anything that has happened in life before then you cant really get them to believe the point you are trying to get across. Facts are everything when proving or persuading, because it gives whoever the message is being related to is given no choice but to accept the it.

Logos is the area where logical thinking has to be brought through the individuals mind. Logical thinking and points give the person the opportunity to understand and follow which direction you decide to direct your point towards. When the individual understands where you are coming from and the situation is presented with validity then your sucess in being persuasive will be accomplished.

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