Focus, Foster & Flame

Cultivating 21st Century Teaching & Learning Practices

How could we take the learning over the last few years and continue to push it forward? How could we foster relationships, support sharing and collaboration? In an effort to extend the conversations of the #peel21st community, three very small inquiry groups were established on topics currently in the rumbling stages. One to maximize the Selfie/Instagram culture of learners today, another to explore how to bring the Maker Ed movement into curriculum and classroom practice and the last to extend how we could capitalize on Minecraft.

The hope in each session was to model an open, inviting format that would foster dialogue amongst colleagues. Below you will find a collection of resources from each session from the visual schedule with Haiku Deck, the resource collection provided as well as a storify of the tweets through out the day.  

The Groups

The Power of an Image

Sharing our 1 pic-1 story this morning with the power of an image #peel21stINQ #peel21st

The Power of an Image inquiry began to explore how we could better engage a visual culture and learners that are avid Instagram users and selfie takers.

Maker Ed in the Classroom

What have you made lately? #peel21stINQ #peel21st

Seeing maker ed clubs pop up over the lunch hour to great success,we wanted to explore further how we could take the principles of designs and creation and bring them to the classroom, linking to the big ideas in the curriculum.

Minecraft in the Classroom

Sharing our minecraft creations #peel21st #peel21stINQ

Exploring different ways we could capitalize on student interest in Minecraft to explore and more better understand big ideas in the curriculum.

Where now?

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances our second and third meeting did not occur. That did not stop the learning and sharing! Check out #peel21stINQ for a better glimpse like the tweet below.