What forces motivate the characters?

by Ariana Aspervil
pd 7

Oedipus after he stabs is eyes out.

Situation 1

Oedipus is motivated by his wife to stab his eyes out after finding out she was also his mother.

Laius with the Oracle

Situation 2

Laius is motivated by the oracles to harm and give away his son because he was scared of the prophecy the oracle told him.


The young boy in the poem is motivated by is fathers scars. He looked to his father as a role model so he thought of the scars as something he would also like to have.

Carrie as she is killing the people who who bullied her and ruined her prom night.


In the movie "Carrie" Carrie was motivated by all the people who were mean to her and bullied her to kill them for all they did to her by using her telekinetic powers

Katie being influenced by the plastics.


Katie was motivated at first by her real friends to hang out with the plastics to expose their bad ways. Later on tin the movie yo can se that she is motivated by Regina George and the plastics to be just like them so she could fit in and have a sense of belonging in high school.

Juliet killing herself to be with Romeo


Juliet is motivated by finding out her true love Romeo is dead only for him really not to be but for him to be sleeping. Then Romeo is motivated by Juliet's death to kill himself. Both the young adults were motivated by their love for each other not to live without each other.

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