Abby's Financial project

I found out that things are much more money then I expected like pets and health Insurance.I chose for my carer to be a Doctor because I wanted a balanced budget  and wanted the things i wanted  to do.

My carer effected my home,car,and other things because I got lots of money.I know that not everything cost $2.00.

I was not greedy with my money the money left over would go to my savings account .I did create a balanced budget the first time the cash left over  was put in savings for any  unexpected changes.

My spreed sheet was balance because I picked a car,I could pay for a house and enterainment. Like bowling  and Eletronics.

I know understand why my mom and dad wont buy me everything I want the spread sheet prepares me for the future because...

I know that things are expensive. Not every body has money to buy food and close that are on are backs today.