Homeopathic Hair Loss Treatment

Homeopathy is one of the big booms in the field of complementary, alternative and integrative medicines. Even the British family has been a big fan of homeopathy and has been practicing it for generations. The media has once again put them in the spotlight when Prince Charles, heir-to-the-throne next to Queen Elizabeth II had showered support to the royal homeopathic hospital.

Just like many other CAM Medicine, Homeopathy can cater to a lot of diseases and health issues. One of the well-known is to cure hair loss.

The Peterson Group, a non-profit organization dedicate to create awareness on real effects of complementary, alternative and integrative medicines (CAM) reviews the most sought-after hair loss treatment.

Hair loss is one of the most common issues of man. There are many several treatments for hair loss. Some of them are genuinely effective while the others are just scams created by fraudsters to earn money from this booming treatment haunt.

1. Omega-3

Omega-3 is one way to prevent hair loss. Stress can greatly affect your way of life. While you are stressing for your life, your body suffers. Experts say a daily dose of Omega-3 acids help you gain extra nutrients lost while you are stressed out.

2. Zinc

Zinc aids in the synthesis of hair keratin, and it's common to have a deficiency. A zinc deficiency can also lead to hypothyroidism, which is another cause of hair loss. Make sure you're taking in plenty of zinc by eating oysters, shellfish, poultry and other zinc-rich foods and consider taking a supplement in the amount of 30 mg every day.

3. Iron

Anemia may be a condition which can lead to hair loss. Taking iron supplements can cure anemia, thus preventing hair loss and bringing life back to languishing hair follicles. Just make sure you have anemia before taking iron supplements as it can also be too dangerous for you.

4. Kalium Carbonicum

Kalium carbonicum is another homeopathy medicine that is derived from compounds that Egyptians used to prepare glass. It is prescribed by a lot of homeopathy practitioners for essentially stopping hair thinning and brittle hair thus automatically promoting hair growth. This medicine is excellent for those people who are orthodox and reserved in nature.

5. Sepia

Prepared by using the inky juice of Cuttle fish, it is most famous in Jakarta, Indonesia and Cambodia.This medicine, like most other homeopathic medicines, can be used for a spectrum of health problems. However, it is found to be especially useful for hair loss. Sepia has been found exceptionally useful for hair loss that results after child birth, alopecia areata, matting of the hair and hair loss due to menopause.

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