How Does The Internet Work?

To begin understanding how the internet works, you first have to find out what the main components are that gives the internet the ability to explore different infrastructures. (Infrastructure; is the physical hardware, which is used to interconnect computers and users). The other types of hardware include: routers, servers, cell phone towers, satellites, radios, smartphones, and etc. When combining these hardware devices together, you create the network of networks. Second component to how the internet works is software. Software is another infrastructure that works together with hardware to create the network of networks; although, software is used to send, receive, and manage the signals that are transmitted. The third component to how the internet works is protocols. Protocols are sets of rules that machines follow to complete tasks. The protocols not only provide the method but it also provides the common language for machines to use to transmit data (communicate).

The internet started in the United States more than 50 years ago, the government used it as a weapon to communicate and share data throughout the Cold War, which gave the US the advantage with years of distance communication and the ability to be able to share data with one another. So for years, the internet was utilized by researchers, scientists, and governments, but today we use the internet for everyday life.


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