Flag of Graecia

Flag Symbolism:

The blue color represents the pureness of our country.

The black color represents our enemy.

The dark blue color represents our noble savior; Aleksanteri.

The Laurel leaves represents power and victory.

Figurehead: Aleksanteri

Our Savior leading the war to protect us.

Characteristics and Abilities:

This is a picture of our noble savior, he is preparing to go into war with the enemy. He fought to protect our country and most importantly US. Even though he is no longer does NOT mean he is no longer with us. And remember he is ALWAYS watching you.

Sector 221

  Sector 221 is a room that will make you agree with us. When you disobey us Sector 221 will gladly welcome you into it. If you ever betray our savior you will spend some time in the well-known sector 221. Sector 221 will cultivate, correct, and polish you. This room causes angst. In this room we test your judgment, strength, and your intellect towards our beautiful country Graecia and our wonderful savior Aleksanteri. We test your judgement by showing you pictures of our country and see your response to the pictures. We test your strength by taking you to a journey with us. Finally we will test your intellect by asking you questions. This room is a privilege to be in, so if you are the chosen one you should be honored, but you must also remember that the people that leave this sector will and most likely come up with absurd stories, just remember they are CRAZY. Sometimes we don't do a good job on polishing them so they still leave this sector with a crazy mind. If you do hear people saying crazy stories about the wonderful Sector 221, immediatley come and report it to us! That person must be taken in again, because we want the best for our people and Country. Sector 221 is different from any other room, but it's a good different. This room is full of our people, so you know it is NOT dangerous. As long as you respect our beautiful savior, country, and our Queen Elahiny, then you will never have to pay a visit to our Sector 221.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Constitution of Graecia


This marvelous country is named,Graecia


The purpose of this country is to unite the world as one, provide freedom to the captured, wealth to the poor, and strength to the weak.


Every citizen will maintain continuous work during the day, and no abnormal activities. Fight for us and fight to the death. Each citizen of Graecia is expected to work first for their country, and second for our goals.

To help achieve these goals you are required to:

All citizens must listen to and donate to the government for your own safety.

You are required to listen to all of our commands without a doubt.

Work long and work hard.

And support Graecia.


Our great leader, savior and Queen Elahiny III will lead this country to achieve our great goals. We Will have a Monarchy, the glorious queen controls and leads us as well as her descendents and all government buildings will be protected by our powerful army.


The government promises freedom, protection, and rights to every important individual. The government is responsible for everyone's safety as well as education, so as people it is your responsibility to remain loyal and donate towards victory.


Here our are 11 edicts:

Any contact with the enemy is PROHIBITED

It is not authorized to have secret meetings

No burning/disrespecting any symbol of Graecia

You MUST worship our savior and pay tribute weekly

When the leader is present, bowing is required

Taxes must be paid or you will be escorted to sector 221


Every child until the age of 16 must go to the systemary where they will learn basic and complex skills of life. Citizens must and will pay taxes for education, food, business, and the government.


Our flag consists of 2 pigments, black and light blue with a dark blue circle surrounding the Laurel leaves, the leaves represent peacefulness and freedom. The light blue stripes represent dignity, and the solid black stripe represents our solid power.


Aleksanteri is our great and powerful protector and is always present, in our hearts, in our minds, and in our soul.


National Anthem/Poem

With hearts held high, and shining pride

We shout Graecia to the sky,

in depths below and darkened nights,

we will always stand and fight,

to enemies that hear our name,

they all cower in fear and shame,

Graecia, Graecia, Graecia!

the country for perfect people!

Created by: Elahiny Portillo and William Croslen

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