Period 8

by: Chris Crutcher

project by: Ta'Cheyla Jones

This a story where teenagers think they have ever thing under control but when reality hits and the have to confuse it all goes down hill. Paulie is a boy  who thinks if he tells the truth maybe things won't be so bad, but thinking his chraisma will help it doesn't and he saw things turned out.

Well when things all feel apart he regret thing that happened and everyone he lost, and that was bad enough his parents  split it just to much he can handle alone....

But then comes along someone everybody knows and  thinks is a therapist.... maybe he was all may you find  out... "if relationship stuff were easy, more people would do it right the first ." this would represent reality and if you are a type that not only like drama but like you don't know if you a reality this might be the book for you. not only just for that reason you may go through things and think nobody under stands read this and re-think your situation.

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