5 Apps that I Love

Hootsuite: Anyone who manages multiple social feeds, or needs to track sentiments, trends and conversations must use a social media management tool. Hootsuite is one of many, but probably my favorite for viewing multiple feeds at once. I'm currently using Hootsuite Pro with my team which gives us access to premium features like the assignment workflow tool and influencer scores.

I'm borderline obsessed with note-taking and list-making apps, so Trello is a goldmine for people who like to manage, and possibly micromange daily and weekly tasks. I have boards for personal projects and ideas, and our Tackk team uses Trello everyday to manage dev and marketing tasks.

There's simply too much news to keep track of everything, so I use Prismatic to track relevant stories that are catered to my interests. The mobile app sends me a daily feed of stories which I can browse, vote up or down and share.

Before the music industry moved completely online, I used to download cd's religiously. Now, I can get all the new stuff, plus the old stuff, make playlists, listen to specific genres, follow what friends are listening to and more with Spotify. I also love that your account registers between devices, so if you listen at work, in the car and at home, use the $9.99 version. It's worth it.

I use Evernote to keep track of anything I want to keep organized. I log dreams I have by date, keep recipes I love by tag, take notes during meetings/conferences and organize lists for just about everything.

Some other apps that I dig...

Ever try to keep up with news about people you're connected to? Newsle makes it easy by connecting to social accounts like LinkedIn, then sends you updates if connections are in the news. It's a great biz dev tool to stay in the loop with what contacts are doing (and also gives you an opening to re-connect with them, or give a shout out).

My commute to the office is only about 10 minutes, but in the days when it was much longer (an hour- eek!) this app was my best friend. I love certain morning shows so through iHeartRadio, I can listen whenever I want. If you travel a lot, especially in the car, this app will help pass the time better than anything.

Luminance is a photo editing app that allows you to add filters, crop and make edits to photos. I don't share EVERY photo I take, so this app is a good option if you want to spice up the photo without adding filters via social shares like Instagram and Flickr.