How does age affect your opinion upon gays?

Being sexually gay means that you are attracted to the same sex. Lately, the media has been discussing a negative opinion upon gays. However, we have realized that only older adults have been speaking of the subject. And so we want to investigate, "How does age affect your opinion upon gays?"

We surveyed 43 girls from 6th graders and freshmen. We want to find out if the difference in age changes our psychology towards common topics. Our hypothesis is that psychology does depend on age. For example, a 6th grade student may be less aware or active to our topic. Also, we have chosen a more mature topic to test our hypothesis.The median is a 6. The median is also 6.

From the data above, we've taken into consideration that age doesn't affect how many gay people you would be familiar with. We chose to present our two questions: "How old are you?", "How many gays do you know?" and decided to put them on a scatter plot because these two questions are our main priorities. Basically, second in command. It was best to put them on a scatter plot. Each question acted as a variable, and that makes two which is bivariate. We needed to show how they affect each other, and the scatter plot does that just fine. We also wanted to know, in average, how many gays people knew depending on their ages. The line of best fit gives us a prediction of the average.

We found it interesting that one person said that they accept gay rights, however, they also said that gay rights shouldn't be allowed. We found this peculiar and decided to put it in a frequency table to compare the results. We concluded that it wasn't a drastic change in the outcome because this was one person against 43.

We decided to create a residual plot of our previous scatter plot to view whether their was a relationship or not. If the data appeared linear then we may draw a possible conclusion of age indeed affecting the number of known gays. In this case, age does not affect the number of gays known to a person since the plots are scattered.

We really found it ironic that people said that they accept gay rights but said that they are afraid of being gay.  We saw that a frequency chart would fit this just right because you are able to see the differences in their answers. Also, each question acted as a category. Frequency tables are used for categorical data.

Our knowledge before we began this project was that your age depends on how many gays you know. However, we came to a conclusion that age doesn't affect the amount of known gays. 6th graders don't have to necessarily know less information on the topic than 9th graders. We assumed that the higher your age, the more knowledge you would have about gays. The sixth graders may know more gays than the ninth graders. Therefore, age does not affect your knowledge about gays or how many gays you know.

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