Costa Rica


The name of the country is Costa Rica.

The capital of Costa Rica is San Jose.

The major language in Costa Rica is Spanish.

The location of Costa Rica is South America.

The population of Costa Rica is 4.872 million.



The major cities of Costa Rica is San Jose, Ruperto Limon, and San Fransisco.

The major landforms are Jungles, Mountains, and Deserts.

The major bodies of water are Celeste River, San Carlos River, and Colorado River.


The average yearly rainfall is more 1,524 m (5,000 ft).

The average temperature is 76.5.

The seasonal weather conditions in Costa Rica is generally rainy.


The popular music in Costa Rica is Mexican music.

The clothing in Costa Rica is mostly rain coats or salsa dance clothing.

The food in Costa Rica are Tacos and Coconuts.

Interesting Facts

The unusual law in Costa Rica is that you can drive and drink.

The native animal in Costa Rica are frogs.

The travel tips for Costa Rica are don't travel alone.

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