Cuban Culture

By: Jennifer Jackson
4th Period

Cultural Etiquette Rules

1. You may only start eating once the host says, "Buen provecho!"

2. The knife should always stay in your right hand and the fork in your left. There should be no switching the silverware between hands.

3. Your hands should be visible with wrists on the table.

4. The most honored person is seated at the head of the table.

5. The most important guest is seated to the right of the head of the table.

about cuba culture

Cuba is the biggest country in the Caribbean

The majority of Cubans speak Spanish

Shaking hands is common when first meeting someone

Cuban food is a combination of: Spanish, African, and Caribbean, with a small Chinese influence

Most popular food: black beans, stews, and meats

Traditional Cuban Cuisine is called Criolo

Music- a happy combination of African rhythms and Spanish poetic melody

Baseball is the most popular sport in Cuban Culture

Difference in Etiquette

American culture shares some similar qualities with Cuban Culture, but they differ as well. When dining America we start eating as soon as everyone is served their food, but in Cuba they do not eat until the host says, "Buen provecho!". In both cultures, you do not put your elbows on the table and it is polite to keep them visible. Using silverware is also different in Cuban Culture, because you are not allowed to switch the utensils between your hands. When dining at home in Cuban culture, you must let the elders enter a room before yourself and men have to move aside for the women to enter first, unlike American culture. In Cuban culture baseball is a very popular sport, much like America culture. Shaking hands is common when first meeting someone like it is in American culture.

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