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Comparing Heros to Other Heros

The three heroes i read about were very brave and caring. One hero i read about was Deamonte Love. he was a 6-year-old kid who save 6 other kids that were younger than him. Deamonte was living with his mother in Baton Rouge, LA when the hurricane occurred. A helicopter came and picked up the kids but, left Deamonte's mother behind. A few days after that they found his mother in Texas so they flew Deamonte and the five kids to Texas.

Another hero I'm going to mention is Ariel. I believe that Ariel was a great hero. Before the hurricane came Ariel left to live with her family. When Ariel came back she came back to a disaster. Ariel was very concerned to she started helping out as soon as got comfortable with the situation. I thought this was very sweet to help out other people in need and to start a website to get others to help others. Ariel was awesome for what she did and she really deserved the medals she got.

The last hero I will talk about is Matt. Matt was a very brave boy. During the storm he did lots of thing to help people out. One thing he did to help out his family was he and his brother put bags of sand to block out the water sadly that didn't work. When the water was getting to high he and his family went to his neighbor's house whose house was 3 feet higher than theirs. While he was on his way there he saw an old woman almost drowning in the water so he swam over there to save her life and he did and brought her over to his neighbor's house. Then once she was in there he went back to get her dog which was very nice of him. i think he should have gotten a reward for risking his life for others.

Pictures of Our Heroes

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