Am I depressed or just not trying enough??
Ainiaya Herndon

My definition of depression in my article is to have the feeling of sadness  and you can't do work and you can't focus and something is bothering you.

Important and interesting facts about my article: First fact about my article is that,not everyone recognizes depression,the second fact is that,if you can't talk to your parents about your depression or if you think you have depression you should talk to your counselor at school or doctor.

My topic happens by people having hard times with things others don't know about and they don't tell anyone for a long time and they start to have depression very bad depression that is.

Symptoms of my topic is sadness and headaches that start with depression.

There is a girl in this article and she thinks that she has depression and she tries to tell her parents but her dad doesn't listen and her dad tells her that she'd just not trying enough in school,so none in this article really tries to help anyone but I read that the girl's counselor and principal could help the girl with her depression.

It is very important for people to know about my article and the topic of it because if someone thinks that they have depression they could know who to talk to and tell them your symptoms of depression.

To find my article I used teen health.

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