Guatemala City

3 Major Cities

Guatemala City with the population of 994,938 people.

Mixco withe the population of 473,080 people.

Villa Nueva with the population of 406,830 people.

3 tourist attractions

Lake Atitlan is the most beautiful lake in the whole world. It was formed after a volcano exploded. This is located in the Guatemala Highlands.

Zona Viva is a building with a lot of things in it. There is a restaurant, hotels, shopping malls,  office buildings, and with high fancy bars. It is located in Guatemala City.

Pacaya Volcano is a volcano that erupted 23,000 years ago and erupted about 23 times since the Spanish invasion. This is located in Escuintla, Guatemala.

Major exports and imports.

Exports: Guatemala exports agriculture stuff such as bananas, coffee, and sugar.

Imports: Guatemala imports capital goods, such as fuel, machinery equipment, and construction materials .  

Exchange rate

1 US dollar is 7.64 dollars in Guatemala.


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