Feudal States
Mac Cranmer, Christian Thorp, Christian Medina

What are the advatages of having a feudal state?

Terms and Concepts

Background information

: A Feudal State is the most effective type of government for controlling sovereignty. The political, military and social system in which a lord gives Land to a vassal in exchange for military protection. Sovereignty is a monopoly on the legitimate use of force in a territory. Feudal states was always enjoyed by the Kings because it gave them control over land beyond the central spot of the state, more money because of higher taxes, and larger territory Overall a feudal state Is the best way to hold sovereignty. An example of a feudal stat is the Zhou Kingdom. The Zhou kingdom had over 200 kings and lords with different sizes of territory but only a few posed a threat on Zhou. If you were a lord you never wanted to give land to someone who you thought could over take your power. The one thing that is bad when running a feudal state is everything is based off of a promise. When a promise is made it is not always kept.

The barbarian invasion

There were three different types barbarian invasions to Europe.
The first type had constant movement of Germanic tribes out of Northern Europe, westwards and southwards to the borders of and into the Roman Empire from the 3rd century on. These different types of people often  changed into the original places or population creating new Roman Germanic people in vasionss such as the Franks. Which we will talk about later...Many other Germanic groups remained on the edge of the Empire.

The second was the most dangerous type they were called  the Huns. They attacked Europe in the 5th century, forcing the Germanic tribes to migrate. These types of people wanted a safe place to stay inside of romes border. w the Romans treated them badly which mad them angry thus making them leave weakening the Roman state.

The last type  was after the formation of these early European states called the Magyars and the Vikings. These types of people attacked the sides of the Carolingian Empire and the kingdoms of England. This forced the kings to make there society a "militarized" place.  once they had beat the Magyars and the Vikings, and these "barbarians" had started to calm down, they accepted Christianity and migrated with the European populations, after the kings had left they had a large number of very talented and well trained knights.

The Franks were Germanic tribes that migrated from northern Europe into Gaul. This is how the country of France today got their name thus comes from the Franks. There were two main dynasties that ruled the Franks during the Middle Ages, the Merovingian Dynasty and the Carolingian Dynast

Charlemagne and Carolingian Empire

There was only one king in the Charlemagne Empire which was Pippin the Scott. After Pippin died he began to believe that it was better to split the empire into half rather than to inherently pass down the role of a king.  Charlemagne and a Guy named Carloman Began to fight over the role as a wanting to be the single ruler. Thus this is why Pippin the Scott made the rule to divide the line of succession in half and let both of them rule together. Like many empires once a great leader dies the empire kind of dies with him. After the death of Charlemagne The empire began to fall. The biggest issue with the fall of the empire was the fact that the brothers couldn't rule as one and wanted to do it on their own.

Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor

Charlemagne was the son of the only ruler of Charlemagne which was Pippin the Scott. As he grew up the Son wanted to be like his father. He was the leader of the franks and was the king of the franks. One of the biggest desires for him wa sot concure tribes and convert them to Christianity. He wanted to get all the tribes and make them into one massive empire. Charlemagne was not the only ruler of the romans but also his brother was the ruler as well which his father wanted to happen. Some historians believe he was one of the truly great rulers during the middle ages.

Conclusion:When running a feudal state the leader has a monopoly because, the leader is the one giving the land out so he would not give land to someone that could overthrow him. A feudal state overall is the best way to hold sovereignty. This is because a feudal state can have all the parts needed to be sovereign and hold the state together for a long period of time. The leader would have a use of force by his army and also by the city states army. The leader would also have territory because to run a feudal state, the leader has to give up some of his land for military support.

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