Best Apps for K-12 Education

Five Great Apps

Math 42

Math 42 is a tool for grades 5-12 to work on math problems at home. It helps by showing step-by-step guides on how to solve problems and in-depth guides on quizzes.


Duolingo is an app for users to learn a language or languages for free! You can pick a speed that you'd like to learn a language and work as much as you'd like. Some languages include French, Spanish and Dutch. It uses pictures and spoken examples to help you learn.


Elevate is a system that could be used for higher elementary grades and up. It helps with memory and math skills and has a number of other features. This app would be useful to see where a student might be with different skills (english to math etc).


This is a great tool for teachers and students! Teachers are able to upload assignments and notes to the app and students can keep track of their homework through schedules and information uploaded by their teacher.

Reading Bear

Reading Bear is an app for younger students to learn how to read. It sounds out words and provides picture examples for both auditory and visual learners. It also has short quizzes so users can test their knowledge on certain words and sounds.

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