A Rhetorical Analysis Essay Project
of 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

By Brandon Bone
English 12 with Mr. Smith at CNHS

The Perfect Getaway

Mr. Smith's English 12 Essay Project

Rhetorical Analysis Essay
By Brandon Bone

Brandon Bone

Smith English 12

Rhetorical Analysis Essay

February 27, 2015

The Perfect Getaway

Everyone loves James Bond and the idea of spies with cool gadgets, slick cars, and beautiful women. The opening screen shows Pierce Brosnan as a former James Bond actor, being interviewed by the Kia commercial coordinator. They are discussing what Pierce will do in the Kia commercial while trying to bring a sense of humor with their disagreements. Of course he is well dressed and clean cut like a gentleman with authority.

In this commercial, Kia is trying to convince all Americans with driving licenses to purchase a new 2015 Kia Sorento. Many factors and devices are used to aid the argument to buy the vehicle. Using speed, guns, dangerous trails, treacherous mountains, snow, explosions, women, and Pierce Brosnan, Kia convinces driving Americans to purchase a Sorento.

Do you have the correct SUV that satisfies all your needs? Enough room in the back to transport just about anything on a daily basis? How about four bags of golf clubs, a soccer bag with pop up goals along with room for the kids, or even space to slide furniture into during a move or helping a friend? A luxurious interior to impress your friends and competitors or to simply enjoy a smooth ride? Kia argues that the Sorento is the best car for the average American. The targeted audience is very broad given that it applies to all frequent drivers. However, Kia uses certain techniques to advertise to more specific demographics as well.

The price of the Sorento is omitted because that would throw off the objective of the commercial. Kia is using ethos and pathos very strongly throughout the commercial but not as much logos. To include numbers and statistics would not necessarily strengthen the argument. A $35,000 car is quite expensive, even for families in the middle class. This would change the subject and focus towards the audience. Therefore, it is best to leave out any prices or percentages due to the mood of the plot.

Kia uses Pierce Brosnan as a credible source because James Bond (his acting role) knows more than most people about cars. This is well known due to the history of James Bond (as a character) always driving fast, luxurious, performance vehicles. Given this evidence, Pierce Brosnan would only drive a car if it was the best. Therefore, the Kia Sorento must be a worthy car to drive.

This commercial uses logical reasoning through the setting and tone of the voices to appear credible. Because the Kia SUV is driving in the snow in a mountain range, it is a great car for taking snow trips. Pierce Brosnan's voice shows excitement yet composure, cool, and authority. With the Sorento you can trek up to Lake Tahoe or any other ski resort destination with no worries even in a blizzard because there is real trust in how well this vehicle handles; even in extreme conditions. For those that are involved in snow sports, this is just another reason why the Sorento would be a car well spent on.

There is meant to be a sense of humor when Pierce Brosnan and the director continuously disagree on the details of the (to be made) commercial because they are all so unexpected for a man so thrill-oriented as Pierce Brosnan. The first example is when Mr. Brosnan mentions going 200 mph in the SUV before the director corrects him saying 30 mph and suddenly the car slows down and you hear the engine noises quiet down as well. Humor is always a great use of pathos because people tend to agree more or be more open when they are happy after laughing, which makes the sales business increase profits.

All the James Bond lovers and snow fanatics are immediately hooked; so are well dressed gentlemen with this beautiful commercial. The fans of James Bond feel binded because fans often follow and listen to their idol. People connected to the snow feel immediate interest in this commercial because it connects to them on a personal level. The emotional appeal in this commercial is very strong because of the actor and setting that were chosen. It would be surprising if this commercial did not boost sales for the Kia industry.

The Sorento does it all; the luxury, speed, handling, and performance. The argument and points used in this commercial were cleverly chosen to use all ethos, pathos, and logos properly.

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