Twinkle Twinkle

Polar Project By Christopher Lee and Shannon You

Phase 1
Phase 2

My polar design for my period 2 math class. I hope it will find the approval of our teacher.

My graph represents the twinkle of a light. The two circles are rings of light that you find in a glare. The two lemniscates make up the inner shine and the rose is the major glimmer. The modified/simplified reciprocal functions are the inner and outer outlines of the overall shimmer of the twinkling light.

Polar quations
Cartesian Simplified Reciprocal Equations

Part 3 Paragraphs

a) We experimented mathematically when we tried to lay out the reciprocal functions. We had tried different equations until we had found the right one, as at first we did not remember the name of the function in question. Then we experimented further in converting them into polar equations. This gave the graph its shimmering points.

b)While we were completing this assignment, we learned to improve our understanding of hoe equations translate to the drawings on a graph and their relative sizes to other types of equations and graphs. We also relearned how reciprocal functions work and had a good review on the conversion of Cartesian to polar equations as a result. Overall it refreshed our memory and exercised our creativity.

c) We did enjoy working on this project. It was a nice change of pace to do something outside of the usual equations and variables. The color, the shapes, and the adjustment of every equation to fit our ideas was a great activity. If given the choice, I'm sure we'd be glad to do it again.

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