IT  System breaches

There are many types of computer breaches from virus.

So that this is a small page i have made a print screen of the document with most of the way that your computer can be damaged

This shows what the virus are and what they can do to prevent them so that you computer.

Company need to know what there need to defend of so that there information stay safe and that they don't put there costumes or workers at risk with lost of theft of information.

Data Protection Act: This is an act that makes it sure that a company make there information save and that they are at least they have try ed to get onto or loss the information 

Protecting IT systems

Computer based methods to protect your computer systems.

1. System backups : this is where you back up you computer to an external device such as a disk or memory stick.The advantages of this is that it will not back up the virus so that you can keep your computer or device save from virus. The disadvantage is that you could loose the disk or memory or if the disk get scratch it will loose some data. This could be made better by putting all the information onto a offline server so it is less likely to be attack or found.  

2. Firewall : This will stop most of people or viruses getting thought to you computer to damage then keeping it save and free of virus. This can be breached but it is rare. If you don't keep this up-to date it be very easy for people and virus's to by pass it. you can make this better by having it automatically update so that you don't have to keep checking for updates. 

3.Encryption: This a way of translating security code into a harder way for people to find or read the file easier. This is very help full for certain files for example if there was a password on a file that file is then Encrypted. This is also bad for the because it means that you have to remember the file's password of encryption key. 

4. Software Patches/ updates : This will keep your software up to date and making it harder to hack into. If you software is out of date it will make it easier for the people to hack or get access into the file. The faster you update you software the harder it is to be hacked into. 

5.Anti-virus and anti-spyware software: This will stop any unknown source of data downloading without your permission. It then stop and delete any virus. that might be contained into the downloaded file. If you do not have an anti virus and you get attack it could damage you computer until you repair the computer or the component depending  on what type of virus you have. 

6. Access rights : Having access rights allows people to open certain file without having access to once that you want them to open. If you are not careful when give the access rights out you can give somebody to much power that could damage or do damage o the server or computer file's.

7. User IDs and password : If you don't have a Password of ID you will not be allowed onto that type of system. This will block certain people from being able to download anything that they want to. The disadvantage of this is that you will need to set up an account for almost everyone on your server or system. This could take a long time but if the tech team are good at coding they might be able to wright a code to do it automatically.

Why it's important to protect IT systems

It is important to make sure that you have protected your system with with these methods so that it keeps the information and that personal details can stay safe with the company. if the company doesn't protect the data and something happens such as a virus it could cost a lot of money to repair and keep the system up to-date. If the company doesn't keep the data safe it could be taken to court because they have failed to keep there information safe.

There are also ways to keep your software protected pysicaly. The ways you can do this is by having locks on your door and only allow people that need access to your software to get to it. You can also have the ocational guard walking and patroling and making sure that the grounds are safe when no body is around. There are also key FOB's. These are used to give access to certain doors with a electronic lock attached to it . The advantages of having a FOB key is that you can modify them so that certain people can access certain doors or room if they need to. The disadvantages of this is that if there is a power cut nobody will be able to get access to the building. You could also install CCTV camera. this allows you to see what ever you need protecting the most without many people knowing there their. The down side of having camera is that they are expensive to have installed and maintain. 

data Protection act.

The data Protection act Is an act to help the united kingdom to process of data though companies  to protect their ( clients or workers) personal data. The data protection act help to prevent people get your data for example get health records or bank accounts.  If your companys don't follow the data protection act and information gets stolen they could go to court depending what type and quantity was taken from them .

The computer misuse Act

The computer Misuse act is to prevent people from get access to company's servers and devices with unauthorised access. This also puts people in legal issues if they break this. The company must follow this. If they do and this happened they could will less likely to court because they have followed all the steps trying to use this

Most common threats

There are many IT security threats out there but some of them are worse than others for example virus are one of the most common how ever  they do very little damage to your system. If you have a malware it could damage your system and destroy your company's data. There are other ways to trojan horse is a dangerous virus these can do some of the most damage to a computer. It can remove software, delete data and even delete the operating system depending on the type that infects your computer.