World War 1 Questions:

What did women do when men were off at war?

Lets start before the war. Women got 3 dollars for working, but men got 6 dollars for working. Also, men did all the hard work, but women had easy jobs. Suddenly, men went off to war, and women got their jobs! Women did all the men's work, but also made bombs, and other weapons. They had to take on the roles as postal workers, police, firefighters, bank tellers, ticket collector, and railway guards. Many women risked their lives making guns, TNT, and bombs. As a result, some women's skin turned yellow from working with TNT. Many things exploded from the bombs, and many women died.

What is the full story behind Gavrilo Princip killing Archduke Franz Ferdinand?

The assasination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand is very interesting because of secrets and deaths. Gavrilo Princip grew up with a very large family. He had tuberculosis most of his life. When he was older he was part of an organization in Serbia. The leader of that organization heard about Franz Ferdinand coming to Serbia, and he was not happy about it. The asked for three volunteers to go and kill Ferdinand when he arrived to Serbia. Gavrilo Princip and two other men, Nedjelko Carbrinovic and Triflko Grabez volunteered to do it because they had tuberculosis, so they knew they wouldn't live much longer anyway therefor it was okay for them to complete such a risky task.they were told to comir suicide so there wouldn't be a problem with who did the killing. Finally Franz Ferdinand arrived, as soon as he drove up Carbrinovic threw a bomb at his car but the driver sped up and it hit the car behind it. Next, Princip shot Ferdinand, and he pointed the gun at himself following the instructions he was given. But people saw him and seized his arm. Princip was arrested. However Princip died during his 4th year in jail.

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