Project Life Budget

Jess Loeffler

About Me

I am single with no children. I drive 10 miles to work and back to my job as a Retail Sales person.


I make an annual $21,000 a year, and pay $296 in taxes. My net monthly income is $1470

Established Expenses

Every month I spend

-$15 in Health and Life Insurance
-$30 in Medical and Dental Expenses
-$67.96 in Savings
-$30 in Charitable Giving
-$25 for my Unlucky Card

Chance Cards

Lucky Card- I found $20 in my couch! Woo!

Unlucky Card- I had to pay $25 a month to pay for new tires for my car, because someone stole them. And my radio. But I didn't buy a new radio, so if you're going to ride with me, you have to sing.

Personal Investments

I have 45 shares of Facebook, 75 shares of Corning Inc., and 25 shares of Nokia.
In total, they made, $16984.60. On day one they made $3680.0 and on day five, they made $3667.5.


I rent an apartment with 1 roommate, so my rent is $340.0.


For utilities, I pay $70 For Electric/Power and $30 in Sewer/Water, which is a total of $100 in Utilities.


I drive a 2009 Pontiac G5. The purchase price was $9,989, with a down payment of $1997.8. I paid $10 for interest, so the monthly payment is $189.36

Since I drive 20 miles to and from work per day, I drive an estimated 600 miles a month. Even though my car is a 2009, it is still fuel efficient, so I spend about $50 a month on gas. My monthly maintenance is about $30, so all together, I spend about $80 a month on transportation.

Home Improvement and Furniture

I bought a really comfy chair to sit on that cost $35.99, so, woo!

Food, Household, and Personal Hygenie

My weekly menu is:

Monday- Breakfast-OJ and cereal; Lunch- Spaghetti; Dinner-Chicken and potatoes; Snack- oreos

Tuesday- Breakfast- OJ and toast; Lunch-Turkey Sandwich and Chips; Dinner- leftover spaghetti; Snack- ice cream

Wednesday- Breakfast-OJ and waffles; Lunch-ate out; Dinner-hamburgers; Snack- apple

Thursday- Breakfast- OJ and cereal; Lunch- pizza; Dinner- hamburgers; Snack- granola bars

Friday- Breakfast- OJ and waffles; Lunch-tacos; Dinner- ate out; Snack- granola bar

Saturday- Breakfast- OJ and toast; Lunch-Turkey Sandwich; Dinner-pizza; Snack- granola bar

Sunday- Breakfast-OJ; Lunch-Ravioli; Dinner-Chicken and potatoes; Snack- ice cream

I spend around $340per week on food

I also eat out 2 times a week, costing $23

Total: $363

Clothing and Accessories

I went shopping and spent $74.44

Entertainment and Recreation

For entertainment and Recreation, I went hiking (free), went to Thor 2 ($7.25), had a movie night at a friend's house (free), and went to a hockey match. ($16)

Cable and Dining Out

I decided not to get cable, seeing as Netflix is obviously superior, and costs much less. $7.99 a month. Also, most TV stations have websites where you can stream the show for free.

I ate out twice, once at lunch, once at dinner, so I spent $23.00.

I will be depositing $67.57in my Bank Account

I will donate $30 to the American Cancer Society.