Little Tennessee River Basin

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Little Tennessee is home to many species but one in particular is the elk. The elk have become one of the parks most popular animals. The elk brings many visitors to this area and are great animals. The elks population was once devastated by over hunting and loss of habitat.Between 2001-and 2002, 52 elks were re-introduced into the area by the National Park Service. There are now over 250 elks in Little Tennessee.

The River Otter can be seen swimming all over Little Tennessee. River otters are very playful animals and can be often seen playing games. This is why river otters bring many visitors to the park.  Little Tennessee is an awesome place for the river otter because Little Tennessee contains many fish and insects for the River otter to eat and provide a sufficient coverage that are needed for River otters.

Little Tennessee also have rare and endangered animals such as the flying squirrel, spruce fir moss spider, the gray Myotis, Indiana Myotis, and the Junaluska salamander. All these animals consider Little Tennessee their home because its a great environment and a awesome place to call a home.

Historical Facts

The Little Tennessee is home to the whole Cherokee Indian reservation.

Recreational Points of Interest

Little Tennesse River on NC Highway 28 to:

  • Fish
  • Swim
  • Kayak
  • Water Tube
  • Water Raft

Little Tennesse River Greenway:

  • Parks
  • Trails


  • Ziplining
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Trail Riding

Other Points Of Interest

  • Museums
  • Farms
  • Helicopter Rides

Physical Features

Is 1796 square miles

Located on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee

Almost half the Land is a federal park the Nantahala national forest and Great Smoky Mountains national parks.

Six counties are inside the little Tennessee River basin.

Around 100,000 people live in the Little Tennessee River basin.

The quality of the water in the river basin is good because of a lot of high quality and outstanding resource waters.

Natural forest scenic byway is a road with a lot of waterfalls along the road sides.

2565 miles of rivers and streams

Parks/Environmental Education Centers

A great park to visit when going to the Little Tennessee River is the Tassee Park. The Tassee Park has many outdoors activities such as Fishing, hiking, trail walking, and bike riding and is one of the most popular trail heads in NC.

Big Bear park is an awesome place to go to see the little Tennessee river. It gives a great view of the beautiful river and have trails to walk,run,and ride bikes on. It is no doubt a great view and a nice environment.

The Land of Trust for Little Tennessee is a great organization and educational center.There goals are to protect the water, forest, and heritage of the Little Tennessee River. The Land of Trust for Little Tennessee is a great way to get information on the little Tennessee river. They give you facts and background historic culture on the Little Tennessee river and its just a great organization that helps protect nature.


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