Email Etiquette

Nikolas Parker

*CUPS matter. Capitalization, usage, punctuation, and spelling are great things to know they are like your friends.

*Do not use text-speak. If you use text-speak, your email will go directly to my trash bin, it will not pass go, and I will definitely not respond. Ur BFF can read it and LOL don’t uses that kind of language you are just making a fool of yourself.

*Finally, Snopes is your friend. If you must absolutely forward something to others, please at least check Snopes to make sure that those five-legged spiders that will turn you into a zombie and that million dollar bank deposit in Zimbabwe are real before you make a fool out of yourself.

*Don’t be a snot on the internet, nobody like a mean grouchy person talking to them so always be kind on the web for example (demanding) that is just a rude way of telling someone to do something but if you’re (polite and say please) people may like you and actually do the thing that you asked them to do.

*Always include your name in the subject. I don’t know who Sodapopforlife3456 is. Plus, it’s a good habit to get into because it might be a requirement in your college courses as well. (For the record, I create very clear identification and log-in credentials for student email accounts, but sometimes students use their personal email addresses

*Do not forward jokes, games, or chain letters to your teachers or to your classmates. Unless it’s relevant to learning, we don’t really need to share this stuff on school email. In fact, send this to ten of your friends before midnight to avoid being cursed with bad email-writing skills for the rest of your life. ALot of people send weird and crazy stuff to there friends on the internet and even on their school email I mean come on we all should know that they can see everything that we say on there its not private or anything.

*Write in a nice tone for example (Go get me milk vs. Will you go get me milk) that may be more writing or typing but it is worth it because when you say (Go) get me, it always sounds like a demand but when you say (Will you go) get me, It sounds like you want something can you go get it for me, but instead of doing any of that go get it yourself.

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