Career Research Project

Elizabeth Jolly, Physical Therapy

Some job skills needed to be a physical therapist are motivation and a good work ethic. You must have a strong background in science and math. Also having strong verbal and communication skills is essential. Having the knowledge to administer treatments to improve patient's lifestyles, and understanding the needs and goals of patients is also a given.

                                                            Education Requirements

  • biology/anatomy
  • exercise physiology
  • kinesiology
  • neuroscience
  • behavioral sciences
  • communication
  • sociology
  • cardiovascular and pulmonary
  • metabolic, and musculoskeletal

Inspirational Quote

My words to live by is "But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. 'Do not fear what they fear; do not be frightened.' Take courage." It means to me that you should always do whats right even if it's unpopular. You should never be ashamed of your faith and to always have courage to try new things. This passage is 1 Peter 3:14. I was in youth group and we were talking about what it's like to be courageous and how hard it is to do the right thing sometimes.

Role Model

My role model is Daniel Skelton. He's a senior this year and he's planning on going to college. He's 1st chair percussionist in honors band and he was squad leader for the battery in marching band. Daniel is the Vice-President of the band department.

Daniel is my role model because he's so friendly and he can get along with anyone. He's extremely talented in both band and choir. He's also very determined in everything he does. He helps me a lot in band and I feel he makes me play my best and be the best person I can be in and out of band. He's motivational in band and choir and he's always willing to help someone if the need it.

For physical therapy the article I choose was on how mirror therapy helped a man with a traumatic brain injury. The article said "A trial use of mirror therapy, with a 20 year old man who had sustained a traumatic brain injury, demonstrated an improvement in distal upper limb function."(MNT 2). It shows that constant therapy can improve anyone's injury if you work hard at it. Therapy can improve motor functions over time as well.

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