War at sea

Merchant Ships

Captains Log

We finally left for Liverpool from Halifax. We're carrying supplies and troops for the war effort. We will be travelling in a convoy, this is a new idea which is supposed to help us evade German u-boats. This is after we have already risked our lives multiple times ferrying the soldiers and their equipment to the front.

Are convoy is packed with american troops heading for the front. Apparently its really important that we get as many troops over to France. The Canadian government just started drafting, so we have a lot of unhappy Canadians.

The other ships in our convoy are carrying food and weapons.

I'm happy that we can finally get the food over to Britain. From what I heard they only had a few weeks left of food. The food is mostly wheat, fruits, some sugar, basically anything they can't grow over there.

We have a lot of weaponry on the convoy. Mostly ammo and a couple of rifles. One of our boats has a lot of new tech, they have some gas masks, a machine gun, and I even saw a tank. Most of this stuff is coming from factories in Ontario.

The convoy will be travelling in a zigzag pattern to become a harder target for torpedoes. Were also surrounded by Destroyers to blow any subs out of the water.

were crossing the middle of the north Atlantic and the storms are a monster, we came close to sinking 5 times.

We will be arriving in Liverpool in 4 days

Written by August.J

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