My Feelings
By: Nevaeh Ramos

This makes my happy:

Family and friends makes me happy. Having fun with them and having their attention, makes me happy and grateful. Grateful, that it shows somebody wants your attention and wants to see you happy.

This makes me laugh:

Outrageous and unlike things, such as joke makes me laugh.

This makes me feel good :

Relax and having peace and quiet makes me feel good.

This makes feel helpful:

Helping somebody or getting help makes my feel helpful.

This makes me feel sad:

When somebody dies it makes me very sad and depressed.

This makes me scared:

I'm scared of spiders. I been scared of spiders since I was 5, when a spider crawled on my face when I was asleep.

This makes me feel thankful:

Spending time with my friends and having all the attention makes me thankful.

This makes me feel important:

Friendship and family makes me feel important, because it actually shows who really care about you the same way you do.

This makes me feel angry:

Me being alone and no attention makes me angry. Like I'm unwanted.

This Make Me Have Hope <3

Believing and praying makes me have hope. Believing that some good will happen.

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