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What is TACKK?

Tackk is a ridiculously simple content creation tool app that makes creating a one-pager on the web easy as typing an email. You can then share it across nine social networks when you're done. You can embed text, headlines, links, photos, graphics, videos (i.e, YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram), audio and playlists, GIFs and media, buttons, PayPal sales, Google Maps, and contact forms.  Tackk was previously only a website, but it is now a free app as well.

Watch this introduction to Tackk

How can I use Tackk in my classroom?

Tackk is very similar to S'more; however, Tackk is now an app and you can create an unlimited number of Tackks, unlike S'more.  Therefore, you can and should use Tackk as a supplement to S'more.  As a teacher, Tackk can be used to present information for a project or assignment.  As a student, this is a great creation or presentation app for students to use.  From research projects to timelines, this app is a great addition to your classroom.

How to use Tackk in your classroom

Tackk can also be used with Blackboard...learn how below!

I did not feel the need to put classroom examples of Tackks on here, because you have an example right here.  This presentation is created on Tackk, along with many of my other app presentations.  However, I am providing you with the link to the FAQs for Tackk, which will help you learn more about this great website.

If you have any questions, please contact me at sjohnson@coppellisd.com