Jaycee Times

By: Jaycee Cantrell    Date: 3/3/15


My name is Jaycee Cantrell and I'm from New Caney, Texas. There are four people in my family me, my brother, my mom, and my dad. I have three animals two dogs and one cat. My favorite thing for desert is a vanilla ice cream cone. My favorite kinda meat is pork chops. I love to drink water all day everyday 24/7.

10 Facts

* I'm 12 years old  

* I play softball, basketball, and volleyball

* My whole name is Jaycee Lynn Cantrell

* I live in New Caney, Texas

* I go too New Caney Middle School

* Cereal is good

* I love reading and math

* My favorite animal is a dog

* Blue is  my favorite color

* One of the brands I love is nike


I love school! The reason I like school is because it will help you in life by getting a job and many other things in life. It can help you get a job because you're going too need know how to do math and read if you get a job. My favorite subject in school would have to be ELA.

Hits of the Week

Song:  The most voted song of the week is Shake it off.                                                                 Picture: The most voted picture is below.

Picture of the week


Sunday: Sunny/ 10% rain/ 69*                                                                                                        Monday: Cloudy/ 60% rain/ 58*                                                                                                        Tuesday: Foggy/ 40% rain/ 64*                                                                                                        Wednesday: Sunny/ 20% rain/ 74*                                                                                                     Thursday: Sunny/ 30% rain/ 76*                                                                                                    Friday: Rainy/ 100%/ 68*                                                                                                                    Saturday: Sunny/ 50% rain/ 77*

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe

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