Solving Water Pollution

By: Jaret Hernandez

This tackk is about solving water pollution because there is lots of places with water pollution those people cant get fresh water that they need. People die each day from diseases related with water such as  water pollution.

3.4 million people die from water related diseases.Fun fact: that is almost the entire city of Los Angeles, California. Another fun fact 780 million people lack access to clean water. We can put an end to that by cleaning water pollution but first stop any polluters from throwing trash.

Wind and rain also make trash flow into the ocean or lakes and cause water pollution so make a wise choice to throw away trash in the trash can not the ground.

Water pollution also harms animals like this bird in the picture above.Animals that drink the water even get a disease like humans so your harming the environment.The fishes and sea creatures breath in the water and live in the water,if the water is polluted they can die.

Plants also die from water pollution,think about it all the dirty water evaporates and then it rains on the plants and and the plants start to die.

Make sure to recycle too because burning the trash can also cause air pollution.

Thank you for reading this please make sure to not pollute it may not seem like it's going to hurt anything but it does it harms humans,animals,and plants. Below there's a videos you can watch about water pollution.

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