Apps for the Elementary Classroom!

Pinterest: This is a great app that allows individuals to collect a series of websites, videos, and images. You can save documents on this app and select specific folders for it. It is super organized and fun to use!

I would use this in a division two classroom because those students would be able to use Pinterest to it's best capabilities. I would get students to explore ways to reduce cyberbullying in schools. There are a lot of resources online for students to help the understand the importance of cyberbullying and how it impacts everyone. Pinterest is a way the students could organize what sources they believe are important for their peers to know.

Youtube: Youtube is a place where people from around the world can post videos. The videos go from educating to just simply entertaining!

I would get students to use YouTube in many different ways. I could get them to post their own video. The video can show their knowledge on a specific topic. Or I would get students to look at documentaries, or educational videos on a particular topic discussed.

Google Maps: This app is all for directions. It is used to get to and from places.

I believe that students these days do not know how to get around. Parents are always in charge of telling them where to go. I think it is important for every individual to know where they are. When I was young, I explored! Now, we have helicopter parents. I would get students to explore and go on nature hikes using this navigational system. Obviously they would have to be supervised. But it is in the students hands with this app!

Tellagami: This app is super fun! It is an app used to create animations. It is easy to use and students would have a lot of fun exploring creating animations.

I would use Tellagami with students to create narrated animations of their favourite scenes from books that they’ve read. I could also get them to re-tell stories we have gone over in class. Or I could get them to create their own stories! Possibilities are endless with this app!

10 Monkeys: This is an app where students could practice their multiplication skills. It is in a game format, and gets students to do math while engaged in a game! Students earn points too, which makes it especially fun for them!

I would use this app as a reward. Since this app is more game like, students need to "EARN" it. I would use this in a math classroom and when students are finished doing a lesson early.

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