The Great "Jay" Gatsby Dies!

Tyreeka Sessoms

Just moments ago Jay Gatsby was found dead in the inside of his pool. It was discovered that Gatsby had been shot and he wasn't the only dead body at the scene. George Wilson was also dead at the murder scene. George Wilson had killed Gatsby and himself shortly afterward. After the murder, the question why would Wilson kill Gatsby roamed everyone's mind? Was it conflict in money because of the "bootlegging" business?  We interviewed a few people that was "close" to Gatsby and we certainly found out a lot of secrets that were being hidden. These secrets unfolded the motive of why Mr. Wilson would want to kill Gatsby. Daisy Buchanan, Tom Buchanan, Jordan Baker and Nick Carraway knew all about Gatsby. So I decided to talk to each one of them to get the insight on Gatsby's life and set the rumors aside.

I started by talking to Nick Carraway and asking about if the affair with Daisy Buchanan was true. Carraway stated that "Gatsby's2 last few days of his life was kind of rough". Elaborating on that he stated that it was true that Gatsby had been having an affair with the wife of Tom Buchanan, Daisy. Nick began to describe there love life by saying "Their love life was hopeful". He said that they both had a pretty big imagination about their future together. Once I heard about the affair I just knew I had to dig deeper.  Nick Carraway said that Gatsby told him that he had known Daisy for a very long time and that they had been separated for five years and he wanted to make up for lost time with her. He also mentioned the death of Myrtle Wilson, George Wilson's wife. "My attitude changed towards Gatsby for a while the night of Myrtle's death" mentioned Carraway. Nick Carraway said that he had met Myrtle Wilson with Tom Buchanan one day in the Valley of Ashes. Elaborating more on his statement, Nick Carraway told me that it was not Gatsby that was driving the car that killed Myrtle that night but it was Daisy. "Gatsby never told the truth to anyone else about the night Myrtle was killed...Wilson thought it was Gatsby because it was his car", said Nick Carraway. Gatsby's love must've been true for Daisy because he took the blame for a murder that he didn't commit.

Next I interviewed Jordan Baker. Jordan Baker was a close friend of Daisy and pro golf player. I began to ask Jordan Baker was the affair with Daisy and Gatsby was true. Baker replied, "Gatsby was so determined to see Daisy again after five years.....he wanted Nick Carraway to set him and Daisy up by asking her to have tea at his house". Jordan Baker said that Gatsby was well known for his great parties he threw but he only threw them hoping that Daisy Buchanan would come in one. "Telling Tom Buchanan about the affair didn't go well at all and it left Gatsby, Tom, and Daisy in madness", stated Baker. Elaborating more Baker mentioned "That was the night Myrtle was hit by Gatsby's car". Baker told me that Tom had been bragging and telling people that Gatsby's car was his so that night of the argument, Myrtle saw the car and thought it was Tom. Baker also mentioned that not only was Daisy having an affair but that Tom was having an affair with Myrtle Wilson. Not everyone trusted Jordan Baker because she was known as a liar and a cheater, but something in my gut feeling told me that this story wasn't a lie this time. I think the affairs was indeed true.

Next I interviewed Daisy and Tom Buchanan. When I asked Daisy to describe her relationship with Gatsby she described it as "passionate and hopeful".  Daisy began describing the good in Gatsby. She mentioned all the letters her and Gatsby sent while he was away for five years and she never lost hope for him. "Gatsby was the first man I ever loved", Daisy continued. Tom Buchanan didn't seem so amused by the conversation that he bust in anger shouting "Gatsby got what he deserved..I always knew he was a no good type of man". "Daisy and I are trying to put the past behind us and move forward with our lives", stated Tom Buchanan.

We have found out that Gatsby was murdered by George Wilson because he thought that he was the one who had hit and murdered his wife Myrtle. We have also found out that Mr. Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan was having an affair that Nick and Jordan sort of set up. There were so many rumors about Mr.Gatsby that anybody could've been after Gatsby. His life was such a mystery that everyone just assumed things about him. From the interviews above we have found out the truth about The Great Gatsby and his death.

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