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StoryKit App

StoryKit app is an app that would be very beneficial with students, preferably in elementary education, but this app could still be used outside of that range. Students can have the opportunity to create their own stories, including pictures or drawings to correspond with the text. In addition, students have the option to audio record the story, or sections, as sound effects. There are also 4 classic children's books available that can be re-written and re-arranged in order to create a completely new story! An example of how this app could be used would be to ask students to re-write the "3 Little Pigs" from a different point of view. Or, you could ask students to create their own story, including pictures, about their lives.

Journal Jar

Journal Jar is an app that provides a wide range of exciting and fun topics that can be used to write about. The best part: shake, spin or press to get the new topic! I think this app is great because a lot of the time, students struggle when it comes to writing. They know how to write and may be exceptional writers, however, deciding WHAT to talk about is a difficult task! This app removes that barrier. As an educator, you could have students either use this in class for a quick writing task, or, it could be a homework assignment as well. I would use this app in elementary education.

Fotobabble App

Fotobabble app is an app that allows students to take a picture of something and then records them talking about the picture. This can be used in a variety of ways. You could have students take a picture of their favourite place in the house, favourite place in the town/city, favourite restaurant, the list goes on. You could then have them explain why this place is their favourite. This app also allows for real-time Talking Postcards. With that being said, you could even have students send postcards to another student in the class, or perhaps a family member. Once again, I would likely use this app in elementary education.

Bunsella Bedtimes Stories

Bunsella Bedtimes Stories is an app that essentially allows for the creation of a movie, but in the form of a children's story. Students can narrate their own story, include pictures, and then transfer their voice over to the images. It will resemble a movie, which tells a story, accompanied by pictures and audio, completely created by the student. This is quite significant! I would have students create their own story, including pictures and audio. Then I would have them either send their story to another student in class, a student in a different class in the school or even have them send to a student somewhere in another country or town!

Talking Tom & Ben News Reporters

Talking Tom & Ben News Reporters is an app that allows for two news reporters, Tom and Ben, to repeat what you report to them. This could be a lot for students. I would use this app in the classroom in the following way: I would have students record a "weekly" news report at the end of each week, which we would then review the following Monday. Students would switch off, likely in pairs or small groups. They would be responsible for keeping track of any exciting news that occurred during the week, either in the classroom or in the school. I would use this app in the way described above for upper elementary students. However, to incorporate younger students, you could collaborate as a classroom to come up with any exciting news and then have students take turns reporting.

iA Writer

iA Writer is an app that is quite simple. This app allows writers to write, but without all of the distracting graphics of other word processing programs, such as Word. How many of us have been delayed or frustrated on Word? I know for me personally, this happens quite a bit. Luckily, I can handle it and it doesn't affect me negatively. However, there are some students that are not as fortunate. This distraction and frustration can completely prevent these students from achieving their goals. This is why this app is so brilliant! It allows those students that struggle with being distracted to simply write. It focuses in on the actual writing, which is what is most important. I thought it was essential to include at least one app designed specifically for students who perhaps need additional support.

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