Codominance in Zonkeys
by Kristen Hill

1) In codominance, two alleles are both expressed as a dominant phenotype and genotype.

2) This is similar to incomplete dominance, but instead of blending the two dominant traits, both of the dominant traits are expressed simultaneously.

3) This is one of the most common inheritance pattern out of Incomplete Dominance, Polygenic Inheritance, Multiple Alleles, and Codominance.

4) With two sets of codominant alleles, there is a 50% chance of the offspring being codominant also.

5) In some things, for example trees, codominance can have a higher chance for danger.

1) Zonkeys are extremely rare. There are only a few that exist in the world.

2) A Zonkey is the offspring of a female donkey and a male zebra.

3) Zonkeys cannot reproduce.