Where To Rent Boom Lifts in Singapore?

Boom lifts are becoming more and more in demand as these equipment are really helpful for a lot of business operations. For property development, boom lifts have played a huge role in aiding the building of establishments such as condominiums and apartments. Even telecommunications industries are in need of boom lifts to make sure that they can reach heights, enabling them to fix and maintain their telecommunication lines to assure quality service to their customers. Power distributors and grid operators also need boom lifts to make sure that they can immediately attend to the needs of customers in terms of electricity. Boom lifts can even be seen used by firefighters when they are rescuing people, or even rescue teams during times of disaster.

Boom lifts are aerial platforms in which workers can stand upon safely to reach tall buildings, infrastructures and other establishments. Boom lifts are adjustable in terms of height and can reach very high depending on the features of the heavy equipment, thus, customers must clearly align their purpose with their acquired or rented boom lift.

This is among the reasons why boom lift rental in Singapore is becoming a trend. Many companies nowadays prefer to rent instead of buying their own boom lifts because of operational costs. Boom lift rentals are becoming so popular in Singapore that clients must also be aware on which contractor to have a deal with to assure quality service. After all, what customers are after is the minimal cost impact in business cash flow to make sure that resources within a company are saved and are used efficiently.

If your company is looking for boom lift rental in Singapore, there are a couple of boom lift rentals that you can check online. Here are some of the boom lift rentals that you can trust:

1. A&G Equipment Pte Ltd

A&G Equipment Pte Lte is a heavy ground equipment rental in Singapore that provides total customer satisfaction "by delivering professional services and quality products." This rental shop in Singapore specializes in boom lifts, scissor lifts, fork lifts, telehandlers, skid-steer loaders, air compressors and generators. For those who are looking for boom lift rental in Singapore, you can rent your boom lifts either for long term or for short term use.

Website: http://www.angequipment.com.sg/

2. Galmon Singapore

Another trusted rental of boom lifts is Galmon Singapore. Their boom lifts can reach up to 48 meters or 156 feet and can carry capacities up to 450 kilograms. There are different kinds of boom lifts that you can rent from this contractor: Articulating Boom, Electric Boom, Towable Boom and Telescopic Boom.

Website: http://www.galmon.com/products/boom-lifts