DIY Tips for Cleaning the Fireplace in Your Home

It's probably about time you did it.

Having a fireplace makes your living room or bedroom a cosy and comfortable place. Fireplaces are often used as a sign of social status and hospitality. On the other hand, having a fireplace means that your energy consumption bills will be less stressful. Despite all the benefits that come with a grate or hearth at the base of your chimney, you will have one more reason to hire expert cleaners in Manchester – the soot and the ashes are really hard to be removed if you skip the daily maintenance of your fireplace. So here are some DIY tips for the cleaning of your major home heating facility.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Owning a Fireplace

Before you get yourself familiar with the home cleaning techniques that apply for your fireplace, you will need to consider the pros and cons of having such heating place in your home. For instance, some home owners prefer to keep their fireplace just for special occasions like family gatherings or Christmas. They make such decisions just because the maintenance of a fireplace is demanding. So, what are the pros of having and lighting a fireplace:

• You will have the comfort of authentic, vintage warmth in your home;

• You will enjoy the smell of the burning logs;

• The winter celebrations will have this fairytale-like feel;

• You will have a stable base for a romantic dinner with your loved one;

• You will cut off some power consumption expenses;

However, there are some drawbacks of getting an actual fire going in the centre of your room:

• Burning firewood is not exactly eco-friendly, especially if you add some charcoal;

• Carrying logs from your basement can be a downright annoying task;

• The air in your home will not be safe for people with respiratory diseases;

• The presence of small children always makes the ongoing fire a risky place;

So How to Clean it?

Once the whole structure has cooled down, start with moving the fireplace grate aside. Remove the loose ash in the bottom. You will need a shovel to sweep any clumps or particles inside. Next, you should scrub the walls. Use paper towel or newspapers to cover the bottom and catch the falling soot and ash. If you so regular cleaning of the walls, you might not need to use strong cleaning solutions or call the cleaners in Manchester. If you see heavy build-ups, use vinegar or washing soda. Apply any of these products with a soft brush and rub until you get the result. After that, use warm water for a final rinse of the walls and the bottom of the fireplace. You will need to clean and vacuum the whole structure often in order to prevent the forming of build-up.

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