I enjoy playing Football, and running Track & Field. I love hanging out with my friends and being with family. My favorite animal of all time would be the dog, I have one dog and I love him so much. I live with my mother, step-father, three brothers and one sister. My best friend is Jasmine Miller, and I consider her my sister because she has helped me through so much in my life.

Three Interesting Things


Music is my escape from anything that is happening in life. I really enjoy music, because I can connect to the songs and feel the emotion. I also love the sound of instruments, usually the guitar and piano. I always feel as though music takes me to another world, and I can decide what I want the world to be like.


I enjoy clothes so very much. I love to go shopping, and choose from so many type of clothing. Clothes allow me to express myself and to be what I want. When I wear clothes I always try to look good, and make sure that I'm expressing myself, and not trying to be someone else. I am just in love with fashion, everything about it amazes me.


I find animals so amazing, especially dogs. To me animals are beautiful lovely creatures, and usually never do bad. Sometimes I like to imagine what the human race would be like if we never did bad. Most of all I love to confide in my dog, I always tell my dog everything, even things I haven't been comfortable telling other people.

Three Goals-

Goal 1: My first goal would to become more musically inclined. Right now I am learning to play the piano and I would love to become a lot better at it. To achieve this goal I am going to have to work harder than most, and not give up just because I "can't" do it. I am going to have to pay close attention during class, and ask questions when needed.

Goal 2: My second goal would be to get better grades. Throughout Middle School I received honor roll, but in High School it's not that simple. In high school we are given more work, and are expected to do our best, even though we should always do our best. To achieve my goal I will take more time each night to study, and I will ask my teacher for assistants when I do not completely understand.

Goal 3: My third goal would be to help others with disadvantages. I have always been admired by those who are considered "different", they've always have fascinated me. I don't really understand why they have influenced me to become a better person, they just have. To achieve my goal I am going to try and volunteer at a hospital where disadvantaged kids may go. I will start by understanding the and there disadvantage, so I can get a better perspective of what they are going through. After this I will allow myself to help them, with whatever they need.

Place I'd Like To Visit

I have always been fascinated with Rome. When I was young my friend went to Rome with family, and said it was amazing. As I grew up I read books about Rome and their civilization and I am inspired by it.

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