Costa Rica

By: Abby Smith

Costa Rica

  1. Name of country: Costa Rica
  2. Capital of the country: San Jose
  3. Major languages: Costa Rica's official and predominant language is Spanish; the variety spoken there; Costa Rican Spanish is a form of Central American Spanish.
  4. The location: Costa Rica is located around the bottom of Mexico. Costa Rica is located in Central America.
  5. The country’s flag: At the end of the page
  1. Population of the country: 4.872 million (2013) (here is a chart that shows more)
  2. Major land forms: Hill Mountains
  3. Major landmarks: San Jose
  1. Clothing: women wear traditional Costa Rica's official and predominant language is Spanish the variety spoken there Costa Rican Spanish is a form of Central American Spanish
  2. Music: The music from Costa Rica is as diverse as the cultures that influenced it.
  3. Holidays: People gather in the streets to celebrate Easter and Christmas are their biggest holidays.
  4. Religions: Costa Rica has mixed Religions some are Catholics some are Christians and some have no religion at all.
  5. Food:Rice and black beans are a staple of most traditional Costa Rican meals
  6. Government: Just like the US Costa Rica has a president that is in charge of everything. But the President has a cabinet, and they elect a president every 4 years.
  1. Entertainment: Costa Rica has plenty in the way of wholesome entertainment to keep even the most avid partygoer entertained.
  2. Economy: Costa Rica's economy emerged from recession in 1997 and has shown strong aggregate growth since then 6.2% growth in 1998 GDP grew a substantial 8.3% in 1999  led by exports.
  3. Extra Information down below

        3. The Costa Rica dialing code for Costa Rica is 506+ because its not in the United States.

The currency : Costa Rican colon

Fun Facts

1.Costa Rica means Rich Coast

2.The highest point in the country is Cerro Chiripo at 3,820

3.Costa Rica has a total of 51,100 square kilometers

4.The country offers four types of rain forests and over 60 clearly recognizable volcanoes.

5.Costa Rica is a tropical country which contains several distinct climatic zones

6.May to November and a dry season from December to April

7.The last major quake hit on April 22, 1991

8. Costa Rica is known for the coffee and black sand beaches

9.The most job offers they have is farming

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