Jennifer L. Holm

1968- present

Jennifer L. Holm is an author of several historical novels for middle school readers. The book I chose to read was Turtle in Paradise.

Turtle in Paradise is about a story that Jennifer's mom would always tell her. Every summer when Jennifer's mom was a kid, so would go to Key West Florida to live with her aunt during hard times.

Jennifer was born in California in 1968. As a young child, she grew up across the road from a zoo.  

She had always loved reading. She read a lot. One of her neighbors clearest memories about her was in the fall they would look out the window to see Jennifer raking leave with one hand and reading with the other.

Jennifer was always really sporty and liked to do what all her brothers did.

As a kid, Jennifer and her brother, Matt, would always fight over the comics in the news paper.

As an adult, she and her brother write a children's comic book series called Baby Mouse.

Jennifer really started getting into writing as a student at Dickinson College.

After college she moved to New York City where she became a broadcast producer of television commercials and music videos.

Then she realized that she would rather be an author than to work with television.

She now lives in northeastern United States with her husband Jonathon, her son Will, and her daughter Millie. She spends her time writing and taking care of her kids

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