Leadership lessons from the edge

All about the climb

Alison Levine was very entertaining and inspiring. She shared about her journey of climbing many mountains, but featured her journey about Mount Everest.

The big take-aways for me was that failure is not an option and no matter how hard things get you need to persevere and keep going.  Also, don't let my mind trick me into thinking I can't, but more "how can I?"  Ask the questions, "poke the box," and contine to ask till you get a "yes" or the solution you are looking for.

I know I need to spend sometime reflecting and figuring out what I am deeply passionate about. Only then will I be able to sore and find success. And for me, success is defined as being able to share and help others achieve their goals - become the linchpin for any organization.

Reflect, identify, drive and achieve!

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